Revision Fun for Clever Kids

Revision can be challenging for children and workbooks can be boring. If your 10-11 year old child is heading towards school tests or entrance exams, this book will complement their preparation, giving them constructive down time. 

Having had experience in presenting educational television programmes for kids on the BBC and Channel 4, I decided this book was an essential extra for my own children when they were preparing for the 11+ exam. I wanted them to take a break from past papers and formal revision, but I didn't want them to switch off!

With over 50 pages of cartoons, puzzles and brainteasers, covering maths and logic, English, geography, history and science, Revision Fun for Clever Kids is the antidote to relentless revision.

Revision Fun for Clever Kids: This is not a workbook, but it is a book that works.


Perfect in the build up to 11+. The activities are accessible, inviting and fun, while managing to remain incredibly worthwhile - not an easy balancing act, but one which Katie has most certainly achieved. 

Edward Matthews, (Coordinator of Platform - Westminster School)

Whoever thought revision could be fun?! My kids were hooked straight away. A brilliant challenge for half term which kept their brains ticking over. As a parent I loved the way they had to apply what they have learnt at school in a different way. Please write a follow up soon!

Priya, Wiltshire.

I was a bit sceptical when I bought this book because it had ‘revision’ on it, but without prompting my 9 year old picked it up and looked through every page saying how fun it looked . A lovely illustrated and well thought out book filled with fun puzzles and problems to keep little ones busy and learning !

Rebecca, Notting Hill

Just brilliant.... and not just for kids... my husband and I had fun going through it with our 11 and 12 year old daughters. A great and fun way to learn. Could not recommend it more !!!

Annabel, Kensington

My children absolutely loved the inventive manner the puzzles and questions are presented in. There are various tasks at all levels within the specified range - it is a fabulous resource.

Nancy, Chelsea