About Me

 I’ve always been fascinated by puzzles. As a child, I loved anything involving lateral thinking, word games, general knowledge or memory recall. Rebuses and code-breaking. Anagrams and word searches. Card games and quizzes. I wasn’t always the champion, but I loved the challenge. 

With chickens in Cumbria, for BBC Countryfile

After graduating from Oxford University, I worked in television, making and presenting educational programmes for children such as Maths 4 Real, as well as leading prime-time shows including Tomorrow’s World and Countryfile (above).

And that's where this book comes in…

As a parent of two school-aged children, I see the pressures young people are under today to perform and achieve results. School is far more demanding now than it used to be but children need a break while learning. It doesn't all have to be hard work.

Not every child is going to be a genius but every child should be given the chance to believe that they can be. I wrote this book to remind us that revision can be fun, confidence gives you self-belief and everyone needs a break in the run-up to school tests.

It really is possible to take the pressure off but keep the brain on.