Public Speaking


The simple Show and Tell; the Form Captain speech; the history presentation on Henry VIII; the speech for Year 9 parents on how to choose your GCSEs; the presentation about the Year 7 geography field trip for the whole school; the vote of thanks.

When we think of giving a speech, we are usually thinking about adults standing at a lectern in a massive hall speaking with authority on their subject. But giving a speech has early beginnings and the confidence needed to give a good speech starts very young.

My interest on speech writing started with my very young children, because despite having worked on screen in television, I hadn't ever had to give many live speeches myself. Yes I had done a lot of speech and drama lessons as a child and acted in plays but delivering real facts to a live audience was a combination of television presenting and speech and drama. Combine the two and you strike gold. My main speech writing collaborator was the president of the JCR at University and was also keen on acting at school. His wry sense of humour, ability to identify the key facts and his own experience in giving presentations are three of the the essential ingredients in our team’s success.

They say that delivering a speech is like drilling for oil. If you haven't struck oil in the first few minutes, stop boring. 

With this is mind and experience of helping children deliver speeches from show and tell to end of year farewells, we can help your child deliver a speech at school that will be just the first of many great speeches.


What we will offer:

  1. discussion of the speech - what the objective is
  2. writing the framework to be worked on independently by child
  3. review of speech
  4. practice delivering it - confidence; eye contact; delivery