Public Speaking

Building Confidence in Presentation

There's the simple “show and tell”, the more informative presentation about Henry VIII’s wives, and the talk in front of the whole school on the recent geography trip. Most children will have to stand up and give a talk at some point in their school career. Delivering a speech is just like drilling for oil: if you haven't struck oil in the first few minutes, you must stop boring.

The key to giving a great talk is confidence: confidence in content and confidence in delivery and learning how to speak well in public at a young age is a key skill for later life.

In my speechmaking and presentation sessions, I build on my experience in presenting live television programmes and in coaching children in interviews.

From deciding on the topic, crafting the content and visual aids, and rehearsing the delivery to generate maximum impact, I will work with your child to help them present with confidence and give a talk that will not be forgotten.


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