Word Fun for Whizz Kids

Word Fun for Whizz Kids completes the trilogy of Jumping Yak stealth learning books: puzzles, fun and a break from intense school work. 

First came Revision Fun for Clever Kids. Next came Maths Fun for Cool Kids written with the Head of Maths at Westminster Under School. And now we have Word Fun for Whizz Kids.



When I set out to write these puzzle books, I wanted to write puzzles that would allow children to learn and test their skills without feeling the burden of schoolwork. I reasoned that maths, English and general knowledge are the foundations of everything else that follows in education. It's all too easy to get onto the school treadmill of testing and results that can put unnecessary stress onto a child. 

I am also a firm believer in parents being interested in their child's education. Unlike workbooks, anyone in the family can sit with a child and enjoy these puzzles together.  Every page has an element of fun and I am convinced that when children find learning fun they will have a positive attitude and be successful.

Take the pressure off but stay switched on!!