Artful Conversations - Help your Child Talk Intelligently About Art

Unleash your child’s inner art critic with a bespoke art tour to ignite intelligence and elevate conversation skills

Many of the children I meet in my confidence-boosting interview preparation sessions list art as one of their hobbies. I’ve worked with children who attend Chelsea Fine Arts or who’ve listed Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo or Turner as their favourite artists. Many of these children speak beautifully about art but not all; for many children, expressing what they think about any form of art can be challenging.

If you are looking for enrichment, a bespoke art history session with Sabine Casparie could bring a spark of brilliance to a school entrance interview and elevate everyday conversations to another level. 

With more than a decade of experience as a contemporary art teacher, she has spent the past 4 years leading art history enrichment sessions at a North London School, with themes as varied as climate change, the female gaze and colonialism.


Sabine also conducts tours in galleries and museums all over London, adjusting her pitch to suit her audience depending on who they are: art collectors; sixth form students; younger school children or those attending a corporate event. Each time,  her goal remains the same: to help her clients to confidently interpret and articulate their thoughts about art.


I put her on the spot when we met: I asked her to choose four artworks in different London galleries that she would take children to see in the coming months.


Tate Britain

Le Rodeur: The Exchange by Lubaina Himid

This large painting is named after a nineteenth century French slave ship. Why is there a woman with a bird’s head? Why is another woman offering a man a small piece of cloth? What is the story behind the painting? Does it seem a little surreal? Read more about Lubaina Himid's work at The Tate here.


Tate Modern 

Behind the Red Moon by El Anatsui

The Turbine Hall has an incredibly impressive installation. This artwork in three acts is made up of thousands of bottle-tops. The sheer scale is awe-inspiring and as you gaze up, there’s a sense of ambiguity about its composition. What material is it made from? Could it be a medieval tapestry? The confusion adds to its allure. Like many works of art that impress, it leaves you thinking and definitely sparks thoughtful discussion. Find out more here.


National Gallery:

The Arnolfini Portrait  by Jan Van Eyck

Who are these people? Is the lady pregnant? Why is there a dog at their feet? Are they rich? Why is Jan Van Eyck’s signature on the wall above the mirror? Is the artist witnessing an actual marriage? Find out more about this portrait here.


Sculpture In the City

The Granary by Jesse Pollock

Just one of 18 contemporary artworks on a free walking trail of public art in the City of London. How do you feel encountering this structure in the middle of a city? What is it made of? What do you think it is? Why is it this colour? Are there any unusual features?


Describing artwork is an art form and Sabine aims to help her students to confidently interpret and articulate their thoughts. She will work with you to create an art engagement session or tour that works for your children, either in a small group in a gallery or on Zoom. So for that creative boost, why not consider a bespoke art session for your child? Perhaps it will bring a spark of brilliance to an upcoming school entrance interview ... and who wouldn’t want to have a bit of that?

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(Top: Damien Hirst's Flower Painting at Frieze)