Could Touch Typing be one of the Keys to Success?


Learning to read and write are just two of the essential building blocks of education.

- Reading allows you to access a world of information, develops your ability to make informed decisions and enhances your vocabulary, grammar and language comprehension.

- Writing helps you learn how to use language, how to spell and also allows you to develop your ability to think.  

But when you've mastered reading and writing - and some arithmetic - could it be time to learn another essential skill?

Attention parents of children in Year 6! Some would suggest that this could be the perfect time to get ahead by learning a new and useful skill, one that will be extremely relevant both at school and in life in general: touch typing. 

So why learn this now?

  1. Your child will be able to work more efficiently at a keyboard: a child who can touch type will produce work at twice the speed of a child who can’t 
  1. It's good preparation for Year 7 when many teachers will start to ask for typed homework
  1. Typing can make drafting and editing easier; increasingly, this is the way essays are written at school and at university
  1. Typing is a great ‘holiday activity’ for 9, 10 and 11-year-olds - honestly it is! - and it only takes up a little bit of time
  1. It's a useful skill that your child might not have time to master later on


If you search online, you’ll find many digital touch typing courses. Alternatively, if you want to get out of the house why not consider going to a dedicated typing centre? I live a few minutes away from The McLeod Centre for Learning on Lupus Street and this is where my children learned to type when they were 10 years old. I know of many parents who did the same for their children. If you make a plan to do this now, in the years ahead, when you see your child working on typed assignments, you'll be glad they learned to touch type when they did. It is definitely worth thinking about in the weeks and months ahead.




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