Stealth Learning Apps for your Children

Over the past year we were trapped at home and many children were deprived of outdoor activities and fresh air. Thankfully, we can now make the most of the return to normality by getting out of the house as much as possible especially when the weather is good. BUT, there are 24 hours in a day and not all of them will be spent outside. So why not try these apps to exercise your childrens' minds and test their mental mettle over the remaining weeks of the summer holidays.


The 7 Gems of Wisdom: Stealth Learning Apps for your children this summer

  1. POP MATH - A fun way to practise maths operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Six pairs of bubbles with numbers float on the screen and the aim is to match and pop corresponding bubbles. 
  1. LOGIC GRID PUZZLES - This app of logic puzzles is a great introduction to deductive reasoning, helping children learn how to sort complex information and encourage systematic thinking. The aim is to decode written clues and fill in a grid with hints to help if you get stuck.     
  1. DAILY CROSSWORD - Increase word power and general knowledge with fun themed puzzles that give your brain a boost.       
  1. RED HERRING - Group words into categories in this fun, challenging word sorting game. Which words are the red herrings?        
  1. STACK THE COUNTRIES - an app that makes learning about the world fun. Master the capitals, landmarks and geographical locations of the countries of the world - and try to collect all 193. Fantastic for general knowledge and geography … and if you crack this, you might want to try STACK THE STATES.                                                       
  1. HISTORY QUIZ - a great way to test your knowledge and learn facts about the history of the world. 600 questions divided into 4 categories: prehistory; ancient history, the Middle Ages and modern history. 
  1. TRICKY TEST  - Just for fun. A free IQ game that tests you to see if you have a genius brain or not! The goal of this game is not to be tricked.


So there you have it. Several fun, engaging, stealth-learning apps that will keep those grey cells firing over the remaining weeks of the summer holidays. 

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