Blog Numero Uno!



Welcome to my Blog! Greetings! Bonjour! etc. etc. Calling all parents. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. But who, I hear you ask, am I?

I am Katie Knapman - a former BBC television presenter, and a mother of two. For 15 years I worked on Tomorrow's World, Countryfile and many educational programmes including BBC Bitesize and Maths 4 Real. I worked with broadcasting legends like John Craven and Peter Snow, Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker, and  Sophie Raworth and Ben Shepherd. Legends they are ... and I loved it!

I also love education, science, puzzles and travel and I am very interested in helping children to get the best out of their education. As a parent, I see first hand the importance of building confidence, making the most of school and having fun.

In this blog I want to share with you ideas that I hope will inspire you to help your children. I am an optimist and I always try to find the best and most fitting outcome in any situation. As a parent, there is no rule book. (Well, that’s not strictly true because many, many experts share their individual visions with us in their books.) But rather than choose only one book, why not grab them all and read, listen to others, take in, process, and then distill to decide what works best for you. Parenting isn’t easy - at least I don’t think it is - but with a little focus, it isn’t too hard to think of ways in which you can maximise your child’s potential in a way that works for you.

So what will you get from this blog? Each week, I will share with you my "7 gems of wisdom" -  gems that I have picked up along the way - all of them related to children. I’ve learned from teachers and other mothers, from television and literature, from experts and from my own parents. I am always picking up tips and advice along the way and some of my gems of wisdom are just ideas I’ve come up with that have worked for me.

My topic this week is fun. Who can deny the importance of laughter?  I am starting with a fun list - but it’s a great list: tell a joke at breakfast or just before homework begins, or write one in a good luck card. Here we go…...

7 Jokes to make your child smile

1. Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 8 9
2. How do you get straight A's? By using a ruler
3. What did you learn in school today? Not enough, I have to go back tomorrow
4. How do you make seven even? Take away the s
5. Who was Joan of Arc? Noah’s wife
6. How much does it cost to buy 60 female pigs and 40 male deer? One hundred sows and bucks
7. Teacher: Johnny, please can you put “defence”, “detail” and “defeat” into one sentence? Johnny: Yes sir! “De-feat of de dog jumped over de-fence before de-tail”


In the weeks to come what can you expect to learn from my 7 gems? School exams and the 11+; revision tips and techniques; handling homework; extra-curricular activities; workbooks for children; fiction; organisation; websites and apps you should know about; what to do in the holidays. All my gems will give you Ideas that I hope will be useful ...and will have you coming back to read my next blog.

Next week in my gems of wisdom:

7 television documentaries that your junior school child needs to see!


Follow me on instagram for more ways to take the pressure off and keep the brain on - and come back for more essential ideas - no jokes next time - that I hope will put the fun back into learning. And please share any other funny jokes - obviously ones that are suitable for children - below. Thank you for dropping by!