Games and activities that won't compromise your luggage allowance

When the time comes to pack for your holiday, excitement for all sets in. But sometimes, it's easy to forget to include entertainment OTHER than swimming pool toys, your reading material AND the iPad for your children. It's an alarming fact that parents are now so used to using hand-held technology to entertain their children that a large number say they would avoid flying long-haul if technology was banned from flights. Be warned: to some destinations it is. 

When flying with children aged 6 and above, I suggest that you encourage your child to pack their own carry-on bag with the things they think they will enjoy on the journey: pens and pencils, puzzle books, books to read and paper. Games like Dots and Boxes, Hangman and Guess Who with post-it notes are all great for in-flight entertainment. They might also want to include portable games like travel Chess or Connect Four, and of course headphones if devices will be used on the journey; there's nothing worse for many travellers than children playing Mario or Fortnite in the airport departure lounge with the volume ON.

Below I have a few more suggestions for your holiday from Amazon*; most of these are small enough to pack in your hand luggage, and they might just be your secret weapon when boredom strikes or the battery runs out!



Say What you Seea quick-fire catchphrase guessing game that asks players one thing: say what you see! Deceptively simple and more fun that you could imagine. If you like rebuses, you'll love this.

Bananagrams - you've seen this before I'm sure. A fast and fun word game that requires no pencil, paper or board. Very small, perfectly packaged, just the ticket for travel. 

Ivan's Hinge - a tricky and baffling brainteaser to wrap your mind around. Fold, loop, turn, open and close the perpetual hinge to recreate and match 56 pattern challenges.

History HeroesTravel Quiz Cards or playing cards with facts - every young traveller should have these.

Sky Tracer - from the Science Museum. Maybe not so good on the journey, but a lot of fun when you get to your destination!

Jacks - an all-time playground favourite requiring skill and dexterity. Ten small ‘jacks’, a ball and a nice flat surface. Each player bounces the ball, picks up a number of jacks, and then catches the ball before it bounces for a second time. Again, not one for the flight..

Make this Book Disappear - a science activity book that is perfect for inquisitive and creative children especially if they like to cut, scrunch, throw and discover. What's more, it provides the perfect diversion from screens. Don't forget to pack scissors, sellotape and glue in a bag in the hold.


WIN a Waboba Ball: I am heading off on holiday soon with a suitcase full of pool toys, sunscreen and some of the above. For a chance to win a Waboba Ball, post a picture on instagram of your child with Revision Fun For Clever Kids or Maths Fun for Cool Kids, and include the hash tag #learnwiththeyak. You will be entered into a draw in which one name will be pulled out at random to win a Waboba ball of your choice, (either the Lava Ball, the Moon Ball, the Blast or the Extreme.) Closing date for entries, August 11th, 2019.

For more ideas on what to pack, have a look at a previous blog I wrote on the Games People Play

I'll be back soon .....until then, ready, set .... get packing!




(*Items from Amazon listed through Amazon Associates.)