Brilliant Ways to Boost Brain Power


There are times when parents who are helping a child gear up for the 11+ can feel  trapped by the monotony and rigour of the whole exercise. If you have decided your child should give this his or her best shot, and as a supporter you witness the tsunami of work intended to help your child achieve greatness, you'd be forgiven for feeling anxious as you are both washed into an abyss of relentless study.

Well OK - that's a bit extreme but I can't help but notice that the growing trend to practise, practise, practise, work, work, work and if you want it tutor, tutor, tutor...  could result in you overlooking the mental wellbeing of your child. My thinking has always been that you should help your child to be the best they can be, but my advice comes with a health warning. Yes you should teach your child the importance of focus and effort BUT you must also ensure that there are smiles, laughter and relaxation along the way. If your child's character changes or there is massive resistance to the work, you really should take a step back and reconsider your approach and your goals. 

By all means, aim for the top, but also recognise that not everyone can be top. Your child's strengths may lie in other areas and your approach in helping your child to achieve greatness, needs to include love, balance and perspective.

With this in mind, this week's 7 gems of wisdom are resources that should make study and revision sessions more enjoyable and less mundane for your child.

Boost your child's brain power taking the pressure off, but keeping the brain switched on.

The Cadwaladr Quests by S.L. Ager

A fantastic fiction book focusing on vocabulary practice, written specifically for all types of 11+, SATs and independent school entrance exams. An ingenious way to learn new words in a fun and engaging way. As your child reads, they will come across new vocabulary in the narrative with definitions on each page. Synonyms and antonyms are also provided making this book a wonderfully unique way to expand your child's vocabulary. 

11 Plus Vocabulary by Rose McGowan

Vocabulary is important for all types of 11 plus exams, and this book is a fun way to work on word knowledge.

IQ Puzzler Pro

This game offers multiple levels of brain teasing, logic fun with over one hundred 2D and 3D challenges.

Figurative Language in a Jar

A fun way to learn the meaning of metaphors, similes, and idioms.

Fab Vocab - Greek and Latin Roots

More than half of all English words have Greek or Latin roots so just by learning the 25 key roots in this book, a child's vocabulary will expand!

Spelling and Vocabulary Workbook 5 and Workbook 6

Fun crossword puzzles to build up your child's vocabulary. Check the content to ensure you are entering at the right level for your child. 

Schmidt World Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun world map jigsaw puzzle - perfect when your child needs a break from more formal study.



Sometimes, it can seem daunting: reading lists, workbooks, countdowns and tests, and the constant drive needed to be the best you can be. But if there was an easy way to achieve this, everyone would be at the top. While you are helping your child to study, think about boosting brain power by focusing on the journey ... not the destination.  


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