Atom Learning - Machine Learning for Key Stage 2

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Many parents might be wondering if their children are up to speed following months of unexpected homeschooling. Are they doing enough work and at the right level to get back on track? And will they have done enough to get them where they want to be when crunch time comes?

While some schools are doing a fantastic job in getting children back on track, it's undoubtedly a challenge and there is still quite a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds. Catching up can be tricky but there can be no harm in investigating ways to help your child make up for lost time. If you think your Junior school child needs more of a challenge, this could be the time to test some online resources and that's where Atom Learning comes in. 

I remember looking for online revision material a few years ago when my daughter was in Year 5. At that time, I was searching for alternatives to practice papers and workbooks and I was disappointed to find that there wasn't a great deal of choice.

Today things have changed: if you search 'Key Stage 2 online learning', your computer will deliver enough results for you to keep reading until well after your child has taken the 11+. So where do you start?

Atom Learning, is an online learning platform that combines industry-leading content, written by teachers, with sophisticated technology that keeps every pupil on their optimal learning path. It is tailored for those in Years 5 and 6.

The company's co-founder, Alex Hatvany (right), and his team of computer scientists and learning experts, showed me how the site operates.

Pupils work through maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. All the graphics are clear and colourful and the platform is very easy to use. Content is handwritten by leading UK teachers and each question has a detailed, individual explanation. If you get stuck on a question or can't remember how to do something, video tutorials and revision sheets which have been individually designed by teachers and education experts are available to help you. And a real bonus is that the software adapts to an individual student's level. This means that weaker students don't become demotivated while more able students are pushed. And there is little or no chance that your child will exhaust the content: the database has more than 20,000 questions, covering all the topics in the Key Stage 2 syllabus. 

As Alex says, great teachers are hard to beat ... but they are not always available when you need them. Atom Learning wants all students to have access to unbeatable teaching. Using machine learning, they claim their platform creates the optimal learning path for your child in the quickest time possible.

My opinion: this is a great option for anyone trapped at home in the coming months. Out of school, it will keep any 9-11 year old on track, giving their learning a boost and keeping it appropriately focused in the long days ahead. 

Take a look at Atom Learning. If you click on the hyperlink you can receive a 10% discount if you decide to subscribe. But first, there's a 5 day free trial so you can ... try before you buy! And if you do sign up, don't forget to cancel when you don't need the service any more. 

Good luck! 



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