Atom Learning - Machine Learning for Key Stage 2

If you are keen to focus on your child's academic journey, this is the perfect time to explore some tried and tested online resources.

Atom Learning is an online learning platform that combines industry-leading content, written by teachers, with sophisticated technology that keeps every pupil on their optimal learning path. It is perfect for those in Years 5 and 6.

Pupils work through maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and Science. All the graphics are clear and colourful and the platform is very easy to use. Content is handwritten by leading UK teachers and each question has a detailed, individual explanation. If you get stuck on a question or can't remember how to do something, video tutorials and revision sheets which have been individually designed by teachers and education experts are available to help you; and a real bonus is that the software adapts to an individual student's level. This means that weaker students don't become demotivated while more able students are pushed. 



Great teachers are hard to beat but they are not always available when you need them. Using machine learning, Atom claim their platform creates the optimal learning path for your child in the quickest time possible.

If you decide to sign up, there's a 5 day free trial so you can try before you buy. And if you do sign up, don't forget to cancel when you don't need the service any more. 

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Good luck!